Neil Young + Crazy Horse "Songs With The Horse" 2008

Lo mismo pero con la banda de su vida.

1.EveryBody Knows This Is Nowhere (from "Everybody Knows This...")

2.Down By The River (from "Everybody Knows This...)

3.Don't Cry No Tears (from "Zuma")

4.Pardon My Heart (from "Zuma")

5.Cortez The Killer (from "Zuma")

6.My My Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) - live (from "Rust Never Sleeps")

7.Thrasher - live (from "Rust Never Sleeps")

8.Pocahontas - live (from "Rust Never Sleeps")

9.Lotta Love (from "Comes A Time")

10.We Never Danced (from "Life")

11.Country Home (from "Ragged Glory")

12.Cinnamon Girl - live (from "Weld")

13.Fuckin' Up - live (from "Weld")

14.Fallin From Above (from "Greendale")

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