Rifferada Nui - They gave me two (thousand seven)


01. band of horses - is there a ghost.mp3
02. arcade fire - intervention.mp3
03. the coral - who's gonna find me.mp3
04. manic street preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough.mp3
05. the cynics - the warning.mp3
06- king khan & his shrines - (How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way.mp3
07. radio moscow - mistreating queen.mp3
08. dinosaur jr - Almost ready.mp3
09. black francis -you can't break a heart and have it.mp3
10. pop levi - pick me up Uppercut.mp3
11. the undertones - dig yourself deep.mp3
12. the queers - Houston We Have A Problem.Mp3
13. leftovers - gotta go.mp3
14. brutal knights - we have a website.mp3
15. fu manchu - we must obey.mp3
16. the rippers - Who Do You Dance For.mp3
17. gallows - in the belly of a shark.mp3
18. future of the left - small bones small bodies.mp3
19. high on fire - death is this communion.mp3
2007. amy winehouse - you're wondering now.mp3

estoy por hacer un par de volumenes más porque me he quedao muy muy muy a medias.. AÑAZO!!


Nobody expects the spanish inquisition! (gardenia spanish rock compilation)

Bueno, ya que este ha sido un año de buenísimos discos facturados en españa, he preparado un recopilatorio patrio con canciones del 2007 y alguna otra de años anteriores.

Espero que os guste!


01 Elevi - 99 (parte 1)
02 Lagartija Nick - Anoche soñé demasiado
03 Positiva - Sea Of Mud
04 Viaje A 800 - Cabezas de Tugsteno
05 Venus Anadiomena - Josef k
06 Goldfish - Tears you waste in vain
07 Arenna - The other side
08 Liquid Machine - Supersoul
09 Moho - El duelo
10 Silent - Citizen K
11 Orthodox - Con sangre de quien te ofenda


From Hollywood, California... (REC 2007)

Y otro más:

01 - Ulver - Solitude
02 - The Young Gods - I'm the drug
03 - Black Light Burns - Mesopotamia
04 - Marilyn Manson - You and me and the devil make 3
05 - Ade Fenton - Healing
06 - Skinny Puppy - Ambiantz
07 - Nine Inch Nails - My violent heart
08 - Saul Williams - WTF!
09 - Recoil - Prey
10 - Dave Gahan - Kingdom
11 - KMFDM - Looking for strange
12 - Ministry - Roadhouse blues
13 - Einsturzende Neubauten - Die Wellen
14 - Bonus (Rob Zombie - More human than human, Live 2007)


Pasta eres tú. Recopilatorio 2007

Feliz 2008!!!

1. Stop and think it over-Mary Weiss with the Reigning Sound
2. The Underdog-Spoon
3. Futures&Folly-Blitzen Trapper
4. Ddiamondd-Battles
5. Strange Lights-Deerhunter
6. Dragon Cigarette-Wiretree
7. Archangel-Burial
8. Wet and Rusting-Menomena
9. Cycle Time-Liars
10. Wallace Stevens-Vic Chesnutt

Pincha aquí

Mas temitas para terminar este año 2007 ...

1. Shotting At Unarmed At Men -Boredom Is the Feeling That Eve-
2. Los Campesinos! -The International Tweexcore Underground-
3. Baroness -The Birthing-
4. Fake Problems -Born & Raised-
5. Torche -In Return-
6. Shellac -Steady As She Goes-
7. Fatal Flying Guilloteens -Hello Boss-
8. We Versus The Shark - I am A Fantastic Battle-
9. Grabass Charlestons -I Like Cats-
10. Portugal,the Man -Telling Tellers Tell Me-
11. Parts & Labor - The Gold We're Digging-
12. Melt Banana - Cat Brain Land-
13. Help She Can't Swim - I Thing the Records Stopped
14. Bomb the Music Industry! - I Don't Love You Anymore
15. Birds Of Avalon -Horse Called Dust-
16. The Ripps -Loco-


Lo mejor 2007 según Hana (os podeis partir el culo de risa, seh XD)

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compilado simple y freaky porque yo lo valgo.

Cult- Tiger in the sun
Dream Theater – The Ministry of lost souls
Jordan Rudess- Dance on a volcano
Public Enemy – Frankestar
Ritchie Kotzen- Dust
Rush- Good news first
Rush- Workin’ them angels
Steve Vai- Gentle Ways
Steve Vai- Salamanders in the sun


silmarils - original karma (1997)

Grupo francés que combinaba las guitarras duras con los rapeados, estilo que tan de moda estuvo en los 90.


¿Te gusta Phil collins? - Muerte al 2007


A recopilar que el mundo se va a acabar.

1. King Khan and the shrines - (how can i keep you) outta harms way
2. Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything
3. Future of the left - small bones small bodies
4. Dinosaur jr. - This is All I Came to Do
5. Melt banana - cracked plaster cast
6. Noisettes - Don't Give Up
7. Wichtcraft - If Crimson Was Your Colour
8. Electric six - down at mcdonnelzz
9. Caribou - Melody Day
10. Six organs of admittance - Shelter From The Ash
11. White Hills - Glitter glamour atrocity
12. Akron/Family - Don't be afraid, you're already dead

Floppyto - Unas coplas del 2007


Otro recopilatorio casero.
Feliz 2008!

01 - The Tripwires - I Hear This Music
02 - Black Lips - Cold Hands
03 - The Primary 5 - Off Course
04 - The Sadies - My Heart of the Wood
05 - Baby Woodrose - Twilight princess
06 - Grinderman - (I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free
07 - Nina Nastasia & Jim White - Odd Said The Doe
08 - Qui - Freeze
09 - Mary Weiss & Reigning Sound - My Heart Is Beating
10 - Wiretree - Feel Me
11 - Deer Tick - These Old Shoes
12 - Ted Leo - La Costa Brava
13 - The Beasts of Bourbon - I Am Gone

Don't play with the pernil: Lo mejor del 2007


Aquí os dejo una recopilación que he hecho para mi blog con los temazos que más lo han petado este año.

1. Amy Winehouse - Tears dry on their own
2. Mary Weiss & The Reigning Sound - Don't come back
3. John Fogerty - Gunslinger
4. Black Francis - Lolita
5. Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere
6. Monster Magnet - Wall of fire
7. Turbonegro - Do you dig destruction
8. The Queers - Overdue
9. The Ponys - 1209 Seminary
10. Dinosaur Jr. - Been there all the time
11. El Guisante Mágico - Little blind Joe
12. Irene - Some kind of love
13. The Cynics - Me wanting her
14. Corey Harris - Heathen rage
15. Nouvelle Vague - Ever fallen in love
16. Nick Lowe - People change
17. Wiretree - Don't need it
18. Primary 5 - Make believe
19. Richard Hawley - Tonight the streets are ours
20. Rumble Strips - Alarm clock
21. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Sons of Cain
22. New Pornographers - All that things that go to make Heaven and Earth
23. Nacho Vegas & Cristina Rosenvinge - Verano fatal
24. Wilco - Impossible Germany
25. Soulsavers - Revival

Kasey Chambers - Carnival (2006)

De Allmusic.

"After firmly establishing herself as the most gifted artist on Australia's country music scene with her first three solo albums, Kasey Chambers has given herself some new worlds to conquer on 2006's Carnival. While Carnival is roots-friendly enough that it isn't likely to seriously alienate most of her fans, this album does represent a clear and decisive break from the country-influenced approach of her earlier music; most of these 12 songs are easygoing but satisfying roots rock with a bluesy undertone, though the vengeful "I Got You Now" is real-deal rock & roll with plenty of tough rave-up guitar from Mark Punch, there's a jazzy sway to "Light Up a Candle," and "You Make Me Sing" is a sexy bit of late-night funk. Carnival places Chambers' music in new surroundings, but for the most part she herself (thankfully) seems little changed. As a vocalist, Chambers remains wonderfully expressive while maintaining a realistic emotional palate at all times, and her instrument is simple but gorgeous. As a songwriter, she keeps getting better at writing about the stuff of everyday lives (love, lust, disappointment, getting on with life) with an uncommon degree of horse sense and attention to detail, and if anything, the new musical backdrops have added to the depth of her emotional landscapes. And with her brother Nash Chambers once again on hand as producer, the music is as soulful and smart as her singing, which is no small accomplishment. With Carnival, Kasey Chambers gives up her title as the greatest Aussie country singer alive and becomes — the greatest Aussie singer around today? Maybe that's going a bit far to make a point, but after hearing this album, most people would be much less likely to argue the point."

El Linkazo: http://www.mediafire.com/?1otzxrlwdcl


SHAM 69 - Hollywood Hero (2007)


supongo que a estos no hace falta presentarlos..

British Sea Power - Do you like rock music? (2008)


Empieza fuerte el 2008. Morrisey puede sentirse orgulloso de su legado..

Manic Eden (1994)

Manic Eden fue un banda de hard rock conformada por mimebros de Whitesnake como Adrian Vandenberg, Rudy Sarzo y Tommy Aldridge. Al principio, el vocalista fue James Christian de House of Lords, pero tuvo un fugaz paso por la agrupación, por lo que fue contratado el vocalista de Little Caesar, Ron Young.

La banda lanzó un álbum homónimo en 1994.

Tiene unos cuantos temazos de impresión, un disco de hard rock muy muy bluesy, la canción gimme a shot tiene uno de los mejores solos que recuerdo en años.

Muy recomendado.


Pentagram - (1985) Relentless

Primer trabajo de Pentagram después de casi 15 años de estar tocando juntos, lo que practicamente les coloca como contemporáneos de Black Sabbath. Que lo disfruten tanto como servidor lo hace.


Burial Chamber Trio (2007)

King Khan & The Shrine's - What Is?! (2007)


the unlovables - crush boyfriend heartbreak (2005)



I'm Not There (BSO) (OST) (2007)

Banda sonora del Biopic de Bob Dylan, con ilustres colaboradores.




Añado otro enlace:CD1 y CD2

ZA - eki eki eki eki eki kazaam!!!

nuevo enlace!!

Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine - Rampton (2002)

(From Doom-Metal.com)

Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine is a Doom Metal supergroup of sorts, featuring members from groups such as Sunn O))), Cathedral, Khanate, Burning Witch amongst others. Unsurprisingly, with a history like that, they play a dirty, sludgy, hate filled, droning dirge comprised of three tracks over the space of nearly an hour. If you are unfamiliar with Drone Doom, it is simply a type of music where feedback, heavy distortion and pulsating sounds are prominent, creating a very dirty, harsh sounding output, that is the doom equivalent of Noise. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, take their name from a track of the same name, recorded by the legendary Earth, (not to be confused with the pre- Black Sabbath band), who played and pioneered drone doom. So in effect, this is an Earth tribute band, a very, very good one at that.

The album opens with the half an hour killer track, "He Who Accepts All That Is Offered", which itself opens with almost ten minutes of intermittent and random sounding drum patterns backed by droning guitars that drift in and out and around the music, before the actual track kicks in. And kicks in it does, it feels like you`re being kicked to death by a titan due to the sonic intensity and sheer heaviness. In the mix you'll also find some hate filled lyrics about drug abuse and other nice things, provided by the legendary Lee Dorian of Cathedral. This misanthropic dirge repeats and shifts slowly, repetitively, monotonously -but never getting boring- for another ten or so minutes, before the track subsides into more droning bass frequencies that pulsate and destroy your ears till the song finally draws to an end. The following track is a Killdozer cover, and as i haven't heard the original, i can't compare it, but it is also an awesome track, much in the same vein as the first track but without the droning overload. After a very short seven minutes, the final track unrolls itself. "The Smiler", is without a doubt, one of the best songs I have ever heard, lyrically and aurally. It starts with a riff lifted straight from a Sunn O))) track, and pulverises the listener for the next seventeen minutes with wave after wave of thunderously heavy riffing and droning feedback that dominates the later half of the track, all the while some extremely good lyrics are spat out of the top of it all, creating a disgustingly awe inspiring track.

This CD is not for everyone, it is primarily a combination of drone doom and sludge, and as such is a very misanthropic angry hate filled record, but i absolutely adore it.

The Strollers

"From Sweden, the Strollers play 1960s-style garage punk closely modeled on bands like the Sonics, the Music Machine, and the Seeds, employing both molten fuzz guitar riffs and Farfisa organ. Their first album was 1999's Falling Right Down, followed by 2000's Captain of My Ship."
Recopilatorio casero:

Two Cow Garage - Three

Ahí está el tercer disco de Two Cow Garage, trío de Ohio que hacen un rock tipo Replacements o los Goo Goo Dolls más rockeros. Para mí es uno de los discos del año, así que os lo pongo para que lo juzguen ustedes mismos: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EZE00DUK

TOOL - Lateralus (2001)


1. The Grudge - 8:36
2. Eon Blue Apocalypse - 1:04
3. The Patient - 7:13
4. Mantra - 1:12
5. Schism - 6:47
6. Parabol - 3:04
7. Parabola - 6:03
8. Ticks & Leeches - 8:10
9. Lateralus - 9:24
10. Disposition - 4:46
11. Reflection - 11:07
12. Triad - 8:46
13. Faaip De Oaid - 2:39

Disfrutenlo. Si quieren ver una edición cuidada de veras, comprenlo original.
Tool, como siempre, cuidando a sus fans.

Comes With The Fall - Beyond The Last Ligth (2007)

Ha costado encontrarlo pero por fin tenéis aquí el último disco de Comes With The Fall.

01 Rockslide
02 The Last Light
03 Pale Horse Rider
04 White Hot
05 Beautiful Destroyer
06 Hologram
07 Black Cross
08 Deadly Ecstasy
09 Still Got a Hold on my Heart
10 Fire Come Down

MP3 192kbps VBR.


Bob Dylan Live 1966 - The Bootleg Series Vol.4

Play fucking loud!!

Disco 1

Disco 2

Bob Dylan Live 2006 California


FINK - Distance & Soul (2007)

Mi primera aportación. Me tiene atrapado y espero que os pase a vosotros lo mismo.
Canciones, sin más. Cuidado, si estás acompañado/a mientras lo escuchas puede que te pongas ternasco/a.


Bloodlights - (2007) Bloodlights

Nueva banda del que fuera guitarra de los extintos Glueciger, Mr.Captain Poon. Que lo disfruten!! La verdad es que el disco es más resultón de lo que me esperaba, muy fresco y agradable de escuchar.


Metallica - Live shit: Binge & Plunge (1993)

Un gran directo en el momento álgido de la banda.

cd 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/77633108/Metallica_-_Live_-_Cd_1.rar.html

cd 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/77653164/Metallica_-_Live_-_Cd_2.rar.html

cd 3: http://rapidshare.com/files/77655589/Metallica_-_Live_-_Cd_3.rar.html

Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third

VV.AA. - We're desperate - The L.A. scene (1976-1979)


1. Down On The Boulevard - The Pop!
2. Younger Point Of View - The Dogs
3. Counting (Demo) - The Motels
4. Forming - The Germs
5. I Hate The Rich - The Dils
6. Don't Push Me Around - The Zeros
7. A Life Of Crime - The Weirdos
8. You're So Strange - The Zippers
9. Pretty Please - The Quick
10. She Don't Know Why I'm Here - The Last
11. Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep - The Furys
12. Mr. Big - The Dils
13. We're Desperate - x
14. We Got The Neutron Bomb - The Weirdos
15. Lexicon Devil - The Germs
16. Nothing Means Nothing Anymore - Alley Cats
17. La Bamba - The Plugz
18. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) - The Dickies
19. Taqn - Eyes
20. Survive - Bags
21. Los Angeles - x

Jingo de Lunch - Axe To Grind (1989)

Jarl-core-punk-crossover-rock con voz femenina la mar de personal, molón, cojonudo y a recuperar, reivindicar y divulgar.

Venga p'abajo

Doomriders - Black Thunder

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (2007)


October File - Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God (2007)


Uno de los grupos destinados a convertirse en referencia en eso del Post-Hardcore y el Metal. Grupo apadrinado por el desaparecido Paul Raven y Jaz Coleman de Killing Joke, no en vano, el vocalista de Killing Joke hace acto de intervención en uno de los temas de este magnifico disco repleto de himnos. El relevo generacional de Ministry está asegurado. Uno de los discos más compactos y sólidos del año.

Ade Fenton - Artificial Perfect (2007)


Primer Lp del artista inglés que se destapa con un disco que poco tiene que envidiar a producciones como The Downward Spiral. Un disco en el que colabora Gary Numan en cuatro excelentes temas llenos de rabia, angustia y oscuridad. Electrónica industrial con crudas guitarras y un toque vanguardista de este seguidor de NIN y Aphex Twin. Uno de los artistas revelación del año.

The Tripwires - Makes You Look Around (2007)

El primer largo de este supergrupo de Seattle. Por aquí andan John Ramberg (Model Rockets), Johnny Sangster (vocals, guitar); Jim Sangster (Young Fresh Fellows); Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees).

Spice & The RJ Band - (2007) The Will

Nuevo disco de Spice (Mushroom River Band y Spiritual Beggars)


Rivers Cuomo - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (2007)


The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo is an upcoming compilation album by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, to be released on December 18, 2007.[1] It will be available as a Digital release, CD release and 12" vinyl (the vinyl to be released a week later on December 25). The album will feature home demos that Cuomo has recorded from 1992-2007.[2] The album leaked online on December 12, 2007.

Annihilator - Never, Neverland (1990)

Un poco de thrash americano para calmar la tos...