Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine - Rampton (2002)

(From Doom-Metal.com)

Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine is a Doom Metal supergroup of sorts, featuring members from groups such as Sunn O))), Cathedral, Khanate, Burning Witch amongst others. Unsurprisingly, with a history like that, they play a dirty, sludgy, hate filled, droning dirge comprised of three tracks over the space of nearly an hour. If you are unfamiliar with Drone Doom, it is simply a type of music where feedback, heavy distortion and pulsating sounds are prominent, creating a very dirty, harsh sounding output, that is the doom equivalent of Noise. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, take their name from a track of the same name, recorded by the legendary Earth, (not to be confused with the pre- Black Sabbath band), who played and pioneered drone doom. So in effect, this is an Earth tribute band, a very, very good one at that.

The album opens with the half an hour killer track, "He Who Accepts All That Is Offered", which itself opens with almost ten minutes of intermittent and random sounding drum patterns backed by droning guitars that drift in and out and around the music, before the actual track kicks in. And kicks in it does, it feels like you`re being kicked to death by a titan due to the sonic intensity and sheer heaviness. In the mix you'll also find some hate filled lyrics about drug abuse and other nice things, provided by the legendary Lee Dorian of Cathedral. This misanthropic dirge repeats and shifts slowly, repetitively, monotonously -but never getting boring- for another ten or so minutes, before the track subsides into more droning bass frequencies that pulsate and destroy your ears till the song finally draws to an end. The following track is a Killdozer cover, and as i haven't heard the original, i can't compare it, but it is also an awesome track, much in the same vein as the first track but without the droning overload. After a very short seven minutes, the final track unrolls itself. "The Smiler", is without a doubt, one of the best songs I have ever heard, lyrically and aurally. It starts with a riff lifted straight from a Sunn O))) track, and pulverises the listener for the next seventeen minutes with wave after wave of thunderously heavy riffing and droning feedback that dominates the later half of the track, all the while some extremely good lyrics are spat out of the top of it all, creating a disgustingly awe inspiring track.

This CD is not for everyone, it is primarily a combination of drone doom and sludge, and as such is a very misanthropic angry hate filled record, but i absolutely adore it.

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