Pinhead Gunpowder - Compulsive Disclosure (2003)

"It would be easy to label Pinhead Gunpowder as a supergroup, considering that the lineup features four players from other well-known bands. There's drummer Aaron Cometbus, formerly of Crimpshrine, Billie Joe of Green Day on guitar/vocals, Bill Schneider from Monsula on bass/vocals, and Mike Kirsch from Fuel on guitar. Not that these guys got together for the intention of making money or to be the ultimate scenester band, but rather to take a break from the main musical projects that occupy most of their time. There's no pressure involved, no regrets, no touring; Pinhead Gunpowder is to have fun and relive the days of being just a garage band. With down-on-your-luck lyrics on day-to-day life fueled with fast, vigorous pop-punk."

myspace de Pinhead Gunpowder.

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