De impersonators va la cosa

Dos que van de gira juntos. La Velvet Underground y Dylan, respectivamente, adaptados a día de hoy:

The Black Angels - Passover (2006)

"Formed in May 2004 in Austin, TX, The Black Angels' psychedelically induced rock n' roll evokes the spirit of the 1960's while awakening the heavy droning rhythms inspired by The Velvet Underground. Picture a red moonlit night, deep in the heart of Texas, with the ghosts of Nico and Timothy Leary being called back from the dead to guide you on a journey through Heaven & Hell and back again."

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Vietnam - Vietnam (2007)

Vietnam is a difficult band to describe, in the way that all great bands are. No easy labels leap to mind, because as much as they are hippie outlaws, they are confrontational punks and gentle intellectuals, and also countless other tags that could never really capture the subtlety and complexity of the band or its music. The songs basically straddle the worlds of rootsy Americana and psychedelic head music. They are built around a core of blues, country and folk, but stretch into dreamy, drony, trippy territory and often explode into punk noise and aggression."

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un saludo,podriais volver a subir el disco de Vietnam (2007)?
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